Michael V. Petrillo, President

As Petro’s President since its inception in 2000, Michael V. Petrillo has steadily grown the company’s revenue and market share.  As a result, Petro is now recognized as one of the premier real estate development firms in Westchester County, N.Y.  Mr. Petrillo has overseen the acquisition of well over 1 million square feet of residential and commercial space throughout the United States.

Prior to founding Petro Real Estate Development, Mr. Petrillo worked as a Project Executive for Felix Equities, Inc., one of NYC’S largest and most successful underground utility contractors.  Mr. Petrillo learned the construction industry “from the ground up” and utilizes this unique construction knowledge and background in all of Petro’s new developments.  “Starting my career in such a competitive industry enabled me to develop the survival skills needed in today’s ever-changing business environment.  My father’s ‘baptism by fire’ philosophy galvanized my confidence in my own abilities and taught me that you create your own success.”

Mr. Petrillo holds a B.S. in Political Science from Boston College and continues to matriculate in the Real Estate Development program at NYU with the goal of eventually achieving a Masters degree in Real Estate Finance.